Michelle Blake has published three novels in the acclaimed Lily Connor mystery series, The Tentmaker, Earth Has No Sorrow and The Book of Light.

She has also published a chapbook of poems, Into the Wide and Startling World, awarded publication in the New Women’s Voices Competition, Finishing Line, and a collaboration of poems and images with the artist Fran Forman, Escape Artist.

In addition, her poems and essays have appeared in The New York Times, Tin House, Ploughshares, Southern Review, MORE, Mezzo Cammin and others.

To read essays, poems and reflections, visit the WRITING section of her website.

Michelle Blake’s series about an Episcopal priest...stands out for a couple of reasons—besides the essential one of being written with intelligence and grace. These books take a long view of crime, finding meaningful lessons in antisocial acts.
— New York Times Book Review, Marilyn Stasio
Outstanding...eloquent prose, astute scholarship, convincing characters and vivid settings make this a remarkable work, raising the genre of the parish mystery to new heights.
— Publishers Weekly, The Book of Light (starred review)
Signs and sacraments abound—‘lights switched on at dusk like wishes for night to rise,’ ‘the grey dust of day on sills and quilts’—in Michelle Blake’s acute and beautifully made poems…Blake has heard Roethke’s invocation to “live in perpetual great astonishment,” for her compassionate, luminous poems transport us through glib and difficult times ‘into the wide and startling world.’
— Catherine MacDonald, winner of the Miller Williams Poetry Prize for Rousing the Machiner


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