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Into the Wide and Startling World

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My chapbook of poems, INTO THE WIDE AND STARTLING WORLD, is now for sale on AMAZON.

Here's a sample:


In a huge sand landscape
a small boy
in black trunks
runs along the river
toward a white dog,
arms cocked like commas,
right hand, left arm
unfinished, no hand, only
a rounded end with tiny buds,
the beginnings of fingers, like the thought
of a hand that never got spoken in his body.

It was the summer
they laughed at him in camp.
I watched the boys slide away
as he came to them, again and again,
to show them his precious friendship.
Like fish in a school they disappeared
into one another--until
he stood alone.

And though
the tide is in and the salt river
fills quickly, coursing with tricky
currents from the bay, and though
the dog is strange and might be
dangerous, might bite, and though
people might tease and stare,
despite our fears despite
our terrible need to keep him
safe,he rushes headlong again
and again into the arms of the world.

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