The Tentmaker

The Tentmaker

Advance readers called THE TENTMAKER "powerful," "wonderful," "an absolute page-turner," and "a terrific debut." It is all of that and more: a thoroughly original debut mystery, featuring Lily James Connor, an Episcopal priest whose passion for the truth forces her to confront the evil that dwells within her own church.

Lily Connor has spent the past six months in her native Texas at her father's bedside, watching him die. When her close friend Bishop Lamont Spencer calls to offer her a job as interim pastor for a wealthy Boston parish, she agrees to give it a try. The former rector died suddenly, of a heart attack brought on by insulin shock; the parishioners need a compassionate and experienced leader to guide them through this time of change.

Soon after Lily takes over the job, however, she begins to suspect both the official version of the priest's death and those who keep insisting the story is true. As she pursues the secrets hidden within the heart of the parish, Lily discovers that she may pay for her role of truth- seeker with her own life.

Filled with rich prose, razor-sharp characters, and gripping suspense, THE TENTMAKER is a masterful debut from an exceptional writer.

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"Blake has a gift for making her characters into real people, no small accomplishment in any setting, but especially noteworthy considering the temptations a parish mystery poses...There's good and evil afoot, the be certain, but not in the expected guises, and Blake's plot, which covers most of the seven deadly sins, keeps a reader guessing. As an exploration of spirituality and faith, the book succeeds on its own terms, rewarding the reader in the richness of its observations about the life of the spirit, one of the most interesting mysteries there is."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Lily is the most sympathetic heroine I've met in a long time, incredibly smart, literate, funny, and sexy--as well as (sometimes) insecure. And the church politics are so absorbing in their complexity, Trollopian in their wit. A terrific debut."

New York Times bestselling author Alice Adams

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